The Sharing of Experience

Read testimonials from people who have planned and experienced services here.

Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Mayer Funeral Home. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“Our experience with Mayer was excellent. Thank you. Dan Ball is a long time family friend. He sat with our mother for over an hour after our father passed while my wife and I traveled from Mankato. Thanks again Dan. That was very much appreciated. ”

Scott Petersen January 08, 2016

“Kathy was there the day our mom passed away at the hospital and helped the family arrange the funeral arrangements the same day and explained to the family the different ways Mayer could accommodate our family. It was a big relief to know Mayer cared for our needs. There were many things you did to make us feel welcomed and comfortable: from the flowers to special attention to Mom's hair, to the DVD you did. Adding the Christmas music made us feel good and made lasting memories of our mom forever. I don't know how one can do any better than what Mayer did for our family!”

Rodney Mauer January 08, 2016

“"Mayer Funeral Home is very professional in all aspects. They made sure my loved one was treated with dignity and respect"”

The family of Lea Hejl November 05, 2015

“"Our family was very comfortable with our experience at a difficult time. Mayer Funeral Home took us step-by-step through the whole process with kindness"”

The family of Joseph Barnett November 05, 2015

“The family of Walter and Margaret Rossow would like to thank Kathleen Dufault and the staff at Mayer Funeral Home for the wonderful job you did for us at the times of our parents' passing, Dad in 2006 and Mom in 2014. The professionalism of everybody was outstanding. Mom and Dad looked wonderful and people commented to us on how well they looked. Again thank you for a terrific job at the time of our sorrow.”

Bryan Rossow, Karen Gurney, Sandra Rossow, and Bruce Rossow June 11, 2015

“"Our family just focused on grieving while Mayer took care of the rest." "Kathy was extremely thorough and provided a level of comfort that all the details had been covered...which they were. It was as flawless and painless a process as one could hope for. It also meant a lot for Jack to come to the funeral. I am sure Gretchen was pleased." "Mayer has a history all by itself. Just walking into the building is part of the grieving process. The Mayer staff knows how to stay in the background, but is there when you need them."”

James Wangen May 08, 2015